Livelihood & Training Projects

The Fairview training centre is a fairly recent addition to the CCM ministry. It provides skills training so that families can have more income. One of the gaps that was seen to be in existence in the CCM work so far was an outreach to men. A real desire was felt to do something for them that would reach out to them. Much contact was already had with ladies, mothers, and children, but similar contact with the men in these families was not being achieved. And so with the training centre in Fairview, funds for the building being generously donated by a Chinese Christian family, it is hoped that an outreach to men may in particular be had. The main vision of the training centre is to reach out to these men by training them in livelihood and technical skills which they may be able to use as a source of earning income for the support of their families. Of course outreach to women through the same facility is envisaged, with skills such as sewing to be taught.

To date courses have been held for men in the likes of cellphone repair, air conditioning repair, motorcycle repair, and refrigerator repair. The Fairview training centre is about thirteen kilometres from Cubao. Training courses always begin with a time of devotion and the word of God is ministered.

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The Fairview Training Centre

A classroom at the centre