Who we are

Warwick Worth is CCM’s New Zealand Co-ordinator. His parents – mother completing her medical training, father serving as a missionary with the Navigators – met each other at CRBC in the early 80’s, subsequently marrying, and have kept their ties to CRBC from that time. Warwick currently lives and works in Auckland and has travelled to the Philippines five times since 2005 to involve himself with the work of CCM on the ground, his most recent trip being February 2017.
Miss Catherine Gacutan is a long-time CRBC member and holds the fulltime position of Community Development, Homeless, and Educational Assistance Program Officer-in-Charge (OIC). A social worker with CCM herself for many years, Cathy took up the position of OIC at the beginning of 2009 following a staff reshuffle. Cathy maintains her individual social worker role but also oversees the work of the other social workers employed under the EAP, and holds oversight of the expanding Community Development and Homeless outreaches.
Mrs Analyn Ablao is the fulltime Officer-in-Charge (OIC) ofthe CCM homes, reporting to the CCM Board. She has been a trained social worker for many years and is based at the Masinag complex Masinag complex houses four of CCM's children's homes
. Her portfolio includes all of the children in the five homes, along with one other social worker, and oversight of the work of all of the other CCM staff within the homes.  Analyn has much and invaluable experience in her area of expertise and, along with her husband Virgo who is a CRBC deacon, is also a long-time church member.