Vision, Mission & Goals


Christian Compassion Ministries Foundation is a ministry of Cubao Reformed Baptist Church which seeks to show the love of God to the poor and neglected through good works rooted in the practical outworking of the gospel, thereby seeking to restore human dignity, renew hope, improve the quality of life, all being done in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to the end that God may be glorified.


To achieve our vision we shall endeavour to:
  • Improve and uplift the physical, moral, social, and spiritual condition of the poor, regardless of their social standing, sex, religion, and ethnic origin. Empowering and equipping people, cultivating their inner potential to the end that they become productive, self-reliant, and God-honouring persons.
  • Rescue and care for children who are at risk, suffering, vulnerable, and defenceless against the moral and social evils of the world around them.
  • Strengthen and build up families through proper Biblical instruction on Marriage, Parenting, Child-rearing, and Family life.
  • Empower depressed Communities through sustainable, participative, and holistic Community Development Programs.


  • Assist children of indigent families by enrolling them in regular or vocational schools through the Educational Assistance Program so that they will receive an Education and an opportunity to improve their lives, and that of their families.
  • Maintain Residential Homes that will shelter and care for abandoned, abused, orphaned, and neglected children. Such Homes where children will be properly loved, nurtured, protected, and trained towards becoming responsible, productive, and independent God-fearing people, seeking to reconcile them to their families where possible.
  • Provide skills and livelihood training programs, as well as income-generating and other community development programs so that the unemployed, unskilled poor may be empowered to better support themselves and their families and so improve their manner of life.
  • Teach families and children about the love of the Lord Jesus Christ using God’s Word, the Bible, as the basic source of instruction and guide to all aspects of human life and development.

CCM NZ’s Statement of Faith can be viewed here.